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It is not about the number of tools you use. It is about the value they bring to your work. UX Misift Tools mission is to create the complete set of resources that boost your daily workflow.

With the ultimate design system kit, utility first user flow kit, motion specs template, app icon templates, and other UX resources, you have the power to complete your designs even faster with higher quality.
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Design System Kit
Prime Design Starter Kit
Prime for Figma elementsDesign Faster
Made for Figma
You need it for:
• Web design projects kick off
• iOS & Android mobile projects
• Building your own design system
• Learning how to build design system
• Figma smart techniques exploration
What's inside?
• Utility First Design System Kit
• 2000+ Pixel-Perfect Components
• 100+ Templates for Web
• Well-structured Styles & Elements
• Device Templates & Handy Assets
You need it for:
• Solving common design problems
• Mastering UI design skills
• Improving colors
• Enhancing typography
• Creating modern UI elements
What's inside?
• 100+ Tips in multiple categories
• Over 140 Pages with design examples
• 8 Chapters with design categories
• Tips to deal with problematic cases
• Tricks for modern design
Design eBook
UI Design Tactics
UI Design Tactics Book CoverImprove Your Design Skills
PDF File
UX Toolkit
SQUID User Flow Kit
SQUID User Flow Kit sampleCreate Elegant Flows
Made for Figma & Sketch
You need it for:
• Creating User Flows in Design Tools
• Presenting Your Work
• Visualizing Processes in Design
• Creating User Journey Maps
• Preparing all kind of diagrams
What's inside?
• 500+ smart components
• 216 Flows for diagrams
• 180 shared styles
• 128 UI Templates
• Sketch & Figma smart techniques
You need it for:
• Communicating motion with developers
• Clarifying complex animations
• Creating Motion Design documentation
What's inside?
• All major easing curve templates
• Animation duration components
• Motion properties components
• 3 chart templates
• Motion Specs sample demo
UX Toolkit
Motion Design Specs
Motion Design Specs iconTurn Motion Design Real
Made for Figma & Sketch
UX Toolkit
Printable UX/UI Sheets
UX Sketch SheetsUnleash the Power of Pen & Paper
Made for Figma & Sketch
You need it for:
• Visualizing ideas
• Quick UI design sketches
• Creating UX personas
• Crafting Empathy maps
• Sketching app icons
What's inside?
• 41 Printable Templates in A4 Paper
• Persona, Empathy Map Template
• Device Templates (Desktop, Mobile, Wearable)
• App Icon Sketching Templates
You need it to:
• Boost your designs appearance immediately
• Emphasize features in your project designs
• Adapt illustrations to design's brand style
What's inside?
• Set of 16 high-quality vector illustrations
• Figma source file
• Style guide to update the colors in seconds
• Illustrations exported to PNG, JPG & SVG Format
Illustration Kit
Hope - Illustrations
hope illustration in deviceAdd illustrations to your designs
Made for Figma | PNG, JPG & SVG Included
Website Template
Designfolio - Portfolio Templates
Framer Template elementsLearn Framer & create portfolio
Made for Framer
You need it for:
• Kickstarting your portfolio
• Creating a link base of your social account
• Learning Framer
• Learning how to animate elements
What's inside?
• 2 Portfolio Templates
• Standard Portfolio Template (with CMS)
• Link Base Template
• Framer project template
You need it to:
• Kickstarting your resume and portfolio
• Learning Framer
• Learn animations & transitions in no code tool
What's inside?
• Mimalist Resume Template
• Animated elements (Hero, Case Study, Sticky Header)
• CMS (Case Study)
Website Template
Minimalist Resume
resume framer templateSetup Resume with Framer
Made for Framer
App Icon Templates
High-quality Application Icon templates for all major platforms.
Crafted for Sketch.
App Icon Template
iOS App Icon
iOSGet it now
Made for Sketch
App Icon Template
macOS App Icon
macOSGet it now
Made for Sketch
App Icon Template
watchOS App Icon
Apple WatchGet it now
Made for Sketch
App Icon Template
tvOS App Icon
tvOSGet it now
Made for Sketch
App Icon Template
iMessage App Icon
iMessageGet it now
Made for Sketch
App Icon Template
Android App Icon
AndroidGet it now
Made for Sketch
App Icon Template
In-App Purchase
In App PurchaseGet it now
Made for Sketch
App Icon Template
FaviconGet it now
Made for Sketch
Card visualization
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