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Hard times? Help is here!

Learn how to deal with the economic crisis. This free guidebook is a collection of 25 recipes for Designers that helps protect your finance and work situation.

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What’s inside?

For now the book includes over 60 pagers with ready to use tips to do in crisis. Upcoming updates will include additional chapters with recipes for preparation before crisis and advice what to do after current one.

Every recipe and idea is briefly described and includes action plan with 3-5 points to implement.

eBook is available in PDF file format.

25 Tips - How to overcome financial crisis

3 Categories: Finance, Work, and Life

Action plan for every idea presented in the guide

How to prepare for the crisis (coming soon)

What to do after the crisis (coming soon)

Composed from Open Peeps by Pablo Stanley

Is This Guidebook For Me?

If you lost your job or you got a lower income than usual, do not hesitate to download the book. It’s free and includes tips to help you right now.

Even if you are not directly affected by the crisis, the book will help you live and prosper in the hard times.

The economy crashes from time to time—every time for a different reason. However, there are methods that prevent you and me from many dangerous situations. This guidebook includes lots of helpful recipes and ideas.

Learn How to:

Improve your finances

Deal with dynamically changing situation

Seek new projects during a crisis

Find a new job

Stay strong during hard days

"Hope for The Best,
BUT BE PrepareD
for The Worst"

Why The Guide Is Free?

The book was originally planned as a premium resource, but then the crisis came. I want to help you with these tips here and now, even if you do not have money. I believe that we should help each other in the hard times!


Hello there! I am Thalion, a Designer and Tool Maker helping designers boost their workflow. Now, with this book, I want to share my experience and ideas on finance, business, and career so that you can use them quickly during the crisis.

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Learn how to deal with the economic crisis. Protect your finance and work situation. Grow and prosper even during the crisis.

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